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2013 Hyundai H1 is the most recent wagon unveiled by the company. This car is also known as Starex, H-200, iLoad, i800 and iMax in several countries in the world. There are actually 2 versions of the H1, the Diesel version and a version of the Royale which is the highest caste and most luxurious of H1 variants.

2013 Hyundai H1 Front

2013 Hyundai H1 Front View

2013 Hyundai H1 Front Side

2013 Hyundai H1 Front Design


As a matter of fact, the 2013 Hyundai H1 is one of the spacious wagons in the market. Inside, you will also find the elegant touch in the cabin with the wood accents added on the door and dash trim. Also, there will be the more resistant carpet and also the seat coverings that may offer the more comfort driving experience. Another advantage of this vehicle is the premium support along with the adoption of electric sliding door captain seat. The company offers two options namely models with seat 9 seats and 12 seats. The 9 passengers’ version is called an XG model which has the more expensive price due to its better luxury equipment including roof mounted LCD screen and rear view camera.

2013 Hyundai H1 Interior View

2013 Hyundai H1 Interior Design


From the front view, the 2013 Hyundai H1 comes with the headlamps and enlarged grill. These can be considered as the main characteristics of this car that distinguish it from the predecessor. At a glance, this wagon will look like its rival from Japan namely the Toyota Alphard. In general, Hyundai H1 has a different style as compared to other big vans on the market as it comes with a good looking exterior. One of the nice features is that both doors for rear entry slide open. Moreover, it comes with great lengths along with the well-engineered and well-designed overall body. This car exterior design is absolutely bigger  than 2014 Mercedes Benz S-Class and 2014 Porsche Panamera.

2013 Hyundai H1 Rear View

2013 Hyundai H1 Rear Angle

2013 Hyundai H1 Front Angle


Towards, the engine, the diesel version of 2013 Hyundai H1 comes equipped with the CRDi diesel engine with a capacity of 2500 cc. With this kind of engine, this wagon will generate over 170 hp of power and it may accelerate faster than the other vans out there. The Royale version boasts the gasoline engine capacity of 2359 cc with a powerful 175 PS at 6000 rpm rotation and torque 224 Nm at 4200 rpm. This engine uses the 4-speed automatic transmission. It can accelerate from zero to 100 km in about 16 seconds and the top speed is limited to 182 km/h.

2013 Hyundai H1 Engine


The starting price of 2013 Hyundai H1 is about $23.300 (9-seater) and $21.200 (12-seater).